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Shared Responsibility

Accessibility is everyone's responsibility. Part of accessibility is being accountable to each other and understanding that disability is widespread and, often, invisible.

When you create communications, products, and spaces in inclusive ways from the beginning, more people will be able to participate. Use principles of Inclusive Design in your workflows.

  • A chart that uses only color to represent data doesn’t convey its message to a colleague who is color blind.
  • The audio in the video you create may not be accessible to a person with an auditory processing disorder.
  • The website you create might not allow a blind person using screen reader software to access your information or message.


Start small

Look over the Quick Tips, and pick one you can address easily. Then commit to learning about some of the other accessibility features that are already built into most of the tools we use.

Make accessibility part of your workflow. For example, when you create a video, write a script, and use it as your transcript to create captions.

If you are not sure, ask for help.


More Accessibility Tools

More accessibility information on these topics.

Staff Accommodation

Cal Poly supports the employment of faculty and staff with disabilities. When an employee requests accommodation or there is evidence that an employee may need accommodation due to a covered disability, the campus will explore reasonable accommodation options that will allow the employee to perform the essential assigned duties of their position.

Request a Disability Accommodation

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