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Disability Access and Inclusion Committee (DAIC)

Mission of the Committee

The mission of the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee (DAIC) is to discuss, monitor, and evaluate campus-specific issues relating to compliance with California State University Executive Order 1111 and can be expected to produce Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance-related reports to the Chancellor's Office as requested. As needed, DAIC members serve on Cal Poly's Accommodation Review Board to resolve student accommodation disputes.


Maren Hufton Ex officio Director, Civil Rights & Compliance
Craig Schultz Ex officio Campus 508/Electronic & Info Tech Compliance Officer
Blanca Martinez-Navarro Ex officio Dean of Students, or designee
Amy Gode* Ex officio Assistant Director, Disability Resource Center
Andrea Salazar Santos 2020-2022 Disability Resource Center (representative for students with disabilities)
Mike McCormick 2020-2022 Associate Vice President, Facilities Mgmt. & Development
Jeff Dillon 2020-2022 Vice President, Administration & Finance (Facilities Mgmt. & Development representative)
Emily Rutherford 2021-2023 Asst. Vice President, Strategic Business Service (Contract and Procurement representative)
Adrienne Ratner 2020-2022 Vice President, University Personnel and Chief HR Officer
Pam Dougherty 2021-2023 Vice Provost, Academic Programming & Planning (Accessibility Tech. Spec./CTLT representative)
Marlene Cramer 2020-2022 University Police Chief (Parking & Commuter Services representative)
Regina Hockert 2021-2023 ASI President
Bing Anderson 2020-2022 Academic Senate Executive Committee (faculty representative)
Holly Clark 2021-2023 CEO, Cal Poly Corporation
John Lee* 2021-2023 Assoc. Vice Pres., Human Resources (non-MPP Staff rep)
Brian Self^ 2020-2022 Academic Senate (faculty representative serves on ARB as needed)
vacant 2021-2023

Academic Senate (faculty rep serves on ARB as needed)

Maneesh Kumar 2020-2022 ITS representative (nominated by compliance officer)

* Co-chair

^ ARB is Accommodation Review Board

DAIC roster for Academic Year 2018-19

DAIC roster for Academic Year 2017-18


The committee currently meets quarterly or as needed.


NOTE: DAIC is a university standing committee appointed by the President. The official charge and current membership roster are maintained by the President's Office.

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