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Disability Access and Inclusion Committee (DAIC)

Mission of the Committee

The mission of the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee (DAIC) is to discuss, monitor, and evaluate campus-specific issues relating to compliance with California State University Executive Order 1111 and can be expected to produce Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance-related reports to the Chancellor's Office as requested. As needed, DAIC members serve on Cal Poly's Accommodation Review Board to resolve student accommodation disputes.


Brian Gnandt Ex officio Campus 504/ADA Coordinator - Dir., Equal Opportunity
Craig Schultz Ex officio Campus 508/E&IT Compliance Officer
Blanca Martinez-Navarro Ex officio Dean of Students designee
Amy Gode* Ex officio Assistant Director, Disability Resource Center
Mike Hogan 2018-2020 Sr. V. Pres, Administration & Finance (Facilities Mgt & Development rep)
Michele Winterfeldt 2017-2019 Asst VP, Strategic Busn Srvcs (Procurement Services rep)
Shelly Giesmann 2018-2020 Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Vacant 2017-2019 V. Provost, Acad Programs & Planning (Accessible Tech Spec/CTLT)
Marlene Cramer 2018-2020 University Police Chief (Parking Services rep)
Will Sambar 2017-2019 Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President (student rep)
Vacant^ 2018-2020 Academic Senate Executive Committee (faculty rep)
Eumi Sprague 2018-2020 Executive Director, Cal Poly Corporation
John Lee* 2017-2019 Assoc. Vice Pres., Human Resources (non-MPP Staff rep)
Brian Self^ 2018-2020 Academic Senate (faculty rep serves on ARB as needed)
Christy McNeil Chand 2017-2019

Academic Senate (faculty rep serves on ARB as needed)

* Co-chair

^ ARB is Accommodation Review Board

DAIC roster for Academic Year 2018-19

DAIC roster for Academic Year 2017-18


The committee currently meets quarterly or as needed.


NOTE: DAIC is a university standing committee appointed by the President. The official charge and current membership roster are maintained by the President's Office.

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