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Accessible Technology Initiative

It is the policy of the California State University to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff, and the general public regardless of disability status.

CSU Executive Order 1111 (May 2018) updates EO 926, which went into effect on January 1, 2005. EO 1111 establishes the policy, specifies campus responsibilities, and offers supplemental guidance to ensure that the proper and integrated actions of each campus are effectively mobilized to comply with the policy and law.

The CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) was established to help campuses implement the electronic and information technology (E&IT) aspects of the policy. Through ATI communities of practice, Cal Poly works collaboratively with the Chancellor’s Office and other CSU campuses to develop plans, identify resources, and establish standards and practices for achieving the goals of the ATI.

The Accessible Technology Initiative's

  • Vision : To create a culture of access for an inclusive learning and working environment.
  • Mission : To help CSU campuses in carrying out EO1111 by developing guidelines, implementation strategies, tools and resources.
  • Principle : To apply universal design, an approach to the design of products and services to be usable by the greatest number of people including individuals with disabilities.
  • Strategy: To stimulate collaboration to effect changes that will ultimately benefit all.

Cal Poly is working concurrently to achieve compliance in the CSU-ATI's three priority areas:

  • Procurement involves reviewing campus technology acquisitions for compliance with existing legal standards and selecting the most accessible product unless a specific exemption applies.
  • Web Accessibility involves making administrative, instructionally-related, and other campus information web sites, web-based applications and services and online content accessible. This includes all electronic documents and multimedia, such as Word, PDF and video files posted to the web.
  • Instructional Materials involves faculty applying universal design for learning principles, creating or using accessible web sites and electronic course materials, identifying textbooks early, etc.

The ATI affects you if you teach courses, design or manage web sites, and/or purchase Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products or services. Ensuring accessibility of Cal Poly’s Information and Communication (ICT) environment is an ongoing, shared responsibility that requires collaboration among faculty, staff, students and administration. Cal Poly is committed to demonstrating continuous improvement as part of a multi-year phased implementation.

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